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Belshazzar's party had a surprise guest with a devastating message!

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A Hand Crashes Belshazzar's Party! part one

One thousand of the rich and powerful men of King Belshazzar’s came to a Party of the Year. They arrived in chariots, litters carried by slaves, and on magnificent horses. Their clothing and jewels were glorious. Their wives sparkled and filled the air with aromas of expensive perfumes.

King Belshazzar’s ego swelled as his guests arrived. “These are my subjects and I am their sovereign king. To me they owe allegiance and My Word is their final authority.”

He eyed his wives and concubines with pride. “No man here has wives more alluring than mine. No other women in the Babylonian Empire can match their beauty and charm.”

Guests reclined on couches beside low tables and were served wines and food delicacies of the Middle East. Entertainment filled the palace hall with music, dance, laughter, and a hubbub of sound.

King Belshazzar ordered, “Bring gold and silver cups taken from

the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. With them we will toast our gods. Marduk, great god of all Babylonia, will be pleased.”

Silence suddenly swept the festival hall as the fingers of a man’s hand appeared on a wall brightened by a tall lampstand. The hand wrote words on the wall. The letters were large and visible to all present, but no one understood their meaning.

Guests babbled in fear. “What is it? How did it get there? What language are the words?” The king stood abruptly. His face was stripped of color. His thoughts whirled in confusion and his knees knocked against each other. He could not control his urine.

He shouted, “Bring in the astrologers and my wise men. I want all my magicians!”

They came fearing what possible demand Belshazzar might have. Failure would bring no mercy.

Belshazzar bellowed, “Whoever can read this writing and give its meaning shall wear a chain of gold and be dressed in scarlet. He will become the third ruler in my kingdom.”

The wise men and astrologers stared at the writing a long time and shook their heads in bewilderment.

Belshazzar was gripped with terror. Perhaps he remembered what had happened to his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar. His pride caused him to lose his sanity.

Nebuchadnezzar had been driven from his palace by his nobles. He had eaten grass like an ox in fields, until he lifted his eyes towards heaven and his understanding came back. He declared, “I bless the most-high God, and I praise and honor Him who lives forever. He alone rules, and everything He does is right.”

The queen came to Belshazzar.

“O king, live forever! Do not be frightened. There is a man named Daniel in your kingdom. During the days of Nebuchadnezzar Daniel was found to have knowledge of dreams. He has the spirit of the holy gods. Call him. He will show the meaning of this writing upon the wall.”

Soon we will learn Daniel’s reply and the king’s response.

I am Scott Thomas with this Bible story from the book of Daniel. Barbara Steiner has written it in words we use. Find more classic riches at:

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