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King Saul was handsome, powerful, and consumed with jealousy!

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An Infected King

King Saul grabbed his head with both of his hands.  He raged, “I am king and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Israel. Samuel, judge and prophet, anointed me. I am from a rich and influential family.   My presence commands attention. I’m a skilled warrior. Samuel promised me, ‘Your family and you are Israel’s hope.

“But, David ruins my peace. He has lived in my home and yet, he is disloyal to me! He is my son Jonathan’s best friend, a military commander, and my personal musician.

“But, he steals my people’s respect. Yesterday I returned home from battle and women sang in the streets, ‘Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands!’ His ten thousands? He has done nothing, but by my order. God has abandoned me. Now God helps David. I won’t allow it.”

Saul’s aide stepped cautiously towards him, “Send for David. Let him play his harp for you.”

Saul’s eyes blurred. “Yes, send for him.”

David came. As he played beautiful melodies, King Saul was quiet.  Suddenly anger flashed into his face.  David saw and was alert, but continued to play.

Saul grabbed his spear. As he lunged forward, David dodged. The spear sped into the wall, twitching. David had disappeared.

Months passed. Again Saul was in torment and David was called to play his harp. As he played, a message was beating in Saul’s mind. “God protects David, not me. God has deserted me. David stands before me and does no wrong, while my people idolize him.”

He hurled his spear, but David escaped. Saul ordered his military aide, “Strip David of his rank. He will lead only 1,000 men. No mighty battles will he win. No women will sing of his victories.”

In coming months David’s successes with his limited troops were outstanding. Whenever the enemy Philistine forces attacked, David’s leadership brought greater victories than did any of Saul’s other officers. David grew in fame, as Saul’s jealousy was poisoning him.

He announced to his servants and to his son Jonathan, “Assassinate David.”

Saul did not understand the love and honor between David and Jonathan. Jonathan had sealed their friendship with a gift of his personal robe, tunic, sword, bow, and belt. He told David about the assassination order. “David, you must hide! I will talk to my father about you and tell you how he responds.”

Jonathan went to his father. “Father, David has always helped you. Never has he defied you. He killed the giant Goliath and afterwards you led the forces in defeating the Philistines. You were happy then. David is innocent. Please do not wrong him.”

Saul listened and vowed to not kill David. War came again with the Philistines. David led military forces with such surprising speed, that the enemy ran in retreat, but Saul was not happy.

One evening he tried again to spear David. David fled to safety and his home. Soldiers were dispatched to watch his home and his wife warned, “You must get away now or you will be dead by morning.” David’s wife tricked the soldiers and David climbed through a window to safety.

Saul was not to be stopped. He was infected with jealousy, which tested his family and eventually the nation.

This is Barbara Steiner, fascinated since a child with David, whose name is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other human. Please check out

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