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Moses wondered, Why doesn't God understand that I am the wrong person for this job?

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I am the wrong person! part four

As Moses stood in front of the burning bush with bare feet, he kept his face in his hands.  I know I am in the presence of the Lord.   I should obey Him, but what He wants is impossible!  Why should I go to Pharaoh?  He is not going to give me permission to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt.

God spoke from the fire.  “Moses, Pharaoh won’t let you lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, unless he is put under extreme pressure.”

Moses wondered, Why doesn’t He understand that I am the wrong person for this job?

God spoke, “I will cause the Egyptians to experience horrifying calamities. In desperation Pharaoh will let his Hebrew slave force leave Egypt.”

Moses was bewildered.  “How can I return to Egypt and lead the Hebrews to a promised land? When I left Egypt, I was wanted for murder.  Maybe I still am. If I am known in Egypt, it will be as Moses, the fake Egyptian prince and escaped Hebrew slave.

“If I say to the Egyptians, ‘God spoke to me from a burning bush.’ they’ll say, ‘God has never spoken to you.’”

God replied, “Moses, throw your shepherd’s staff on the ground.” Moses did so. The staff became a snake.

God said, “Put your hand inside your clothing.” Moses did so. When he took it out, it was white with leprosy.  He put it in again.  When he took it out, his hand was healthy.

“Moses, if the Egyptians do not believe that I have sent you, after they see these two signs, then you scoop water from the Nile River.  Pour it on the ground and it will turn into blood.”

“Maybe I’m just stubborn,” Moses argued, “but I can’t do this.  I’m not the man for this job.  You need a man who is good with words.  God, I’m clumsy with words.”

“Moses, have you forgotten that I make mouths?  People see, hear, and speak because I give them abilities. Now go and I will help you.  I’ll tell you what to say and how to say it.”

“Please, Lord, send someone else.”

God was disgusted with Moses.  “I’ll use your brother Aaron.  He is a good speaker.  I’ll tell both of you what to say and do.  He’ll be your spokesperson.  Keep your shepherd’s staff with you, so you can do the signs I showed you.”

Moses took his wife and sons and began his trip back to Egypt.  God told Aaron to meet his brother. Moses told him of their mission.   They returned to Egypt and called the Hebrew leaders to a meeting. Moses showed them miraculous signs, and the leaders were convinced.  They realized that God had seen them stripped of rights and beaten by the Egyptians. “Oh God,” they exclaimed, as they bowed their heads, “You have not abandoned us.  We thank you for your greatness.”

Then Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh, “God wants you to let the Hebrews go into the desert for three days and hold a religious festival to honor Him.”

Pharaoh replied quickly, “I don’t know your god.  The Hebrews are not going.

“Get back to work and stop taking the slaves’ minds from their work.”

He ordered his slave drivers, “Stop giving straw to the slaves. They must find the straw they need for making bricks, and meet their same work quotas.”

Later the Hebrew foremen protested to Pharaoh, “Our work crews can’t meet their quotas. The slave drivers beat us for what isn’t our fault.”

They complained to Moses and Aaron, “You’ve given Pharaoh an excuse to kill us.”

It was time for God to act.  We’ll hear soon of His surprising actions.  This is Barbara Steiner.  Please check out

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