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God told Adam, "This is your home, and you are the master gardener."

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Adam Wonders and Whistles

As God and Adam were talking, Adam looked at the beautiful garden God had given him to live in. It was much too large for him to see with one look. There were acres and acres of lush plants and trees, including fruit trees, Adam had already sampled some of the delicious fruit.

God told Adam, “This is your home, and you are the master gardener.”

Adam stuttered with surprise, “P-p-please advise me. What do I do?”

“Adam, care for your home. Harvest the fruit trees. Keep the trees pruned; and learn what seasons are best for planting fruits and vegetables. You have all the water you need. It is pure and refreshing. It comes from the river that meanders through the garden.”

Adam could not find words to say. His mind filled with wonder. Who am I to be given this land of beauty, called Eden? Then his mind began buzzing with possibilities. “God, could I experiment with the fruit trees? I am wondering if I could graft one kind to another. I’d like to mix tastes and colors on one tree.”

“Adam, this is your dominion. You are in charge, and I will not abandon you. I have a command. Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The day you do that, you will die. You can eat from every other tree in the garden.”

“Thank you, God, for giving me choice and guiding me.”

There was a smile in God’s voice as he then said, “Adam, I want you to name the animals and birds.”

Adam began scratching his head in perplexity. How could he do the naming? Should he wait to see what God was going to do next? Wild animals began appearing. Some were humongous. Little ones ran by Adam’s feet. Some came swinging in on tree branches. One squirted water at Adam from its long trunk. Another nuzzled against Adam. He reached down and stroked its fur, and then scratched its belly. He heard it purr.

As Adam stood in awe, the air filled with sound. Birds flew over him. Some warbled songs; others chattered. Adam began whistling and copying some of them.

“How do I know what sounds to choose for names?”

“Listen to the sounds each kind of bird or animal makes and look at the creatures. Then make sounds. Try matching the sounds you make to the creatures you are naming. Names can be long, a piece of melody, gentle, quiet, loud, or powerful.”

To Adam’s surprise animals and birds began coming calmly to him. He was able to name each one. He thought: My home is a paradise. I can rest, work, explore, and ask God questions. Maybe I can teach the animals. How do the animals talk? Can I talk to them? How do they make decisions?

God told Adam, “I have another concern. It is not good that you are alone. I will create a partner for you.”

God put Adam into a deep sleep and took a rib from him to use in creating a woman. As God had made Adam from the elements of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life, Eve was made from Adam. Both were of the same essence.

When Adam awoke, he said,

“This one is bone from my bone,

And flesh from my flesh!

She will be called woman,

Because she was taken from man.”

God saw everything that He had created and it was good.

This is Barbara Steiner with mysteries of creation using Genesis from the Bible and some creative license with Adam’s response to his home and naming.


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