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Once I was blind; now I see.

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I can see!

This morning I was sitting on the side of Olive Street begging.  I heard someone walk up to me and spit on the dusty ground.  The beggar beside me muttered, “Why is he mixing his spit with dirt?”

People gathered around us.  One asked, “What is Jesus doing?”

The man began spreading mud over my eyes and I said nothing.   When he finished, he told me with friendly authority, “Go to the pool of Siloam and wash off the mud.”

I did as he said; maybe something good would happen to me.  Now something is happening to me. I hear children running; my cane feels awkward; and shapes are coming at me!  They’re high, low, on my right, and on my left. Am I seeing for the first time in my life?

I’ll walk to the market.  That’s the hole I stumbled into yesterday?  Oooh, that wonderful smell!   Fruited pot roast!  I didn’t know it would look like that. I don’t know how to describe it.  Are those lilies being sold?  They’re supposed to be white.  Is that what white is?

I see and hear men.  “Benjamin, is it you?  You look like Benjamin, but he was born blind.”

“You guys, look at me closely.  Of course I am Benjamin.  You’re my neighbors.  You have been seeing me for many years.  And yes, I see now.  A man named Jesus healed me.

“Benjamin, where’s the man?”

“I don’t know.”

“You better come with us to the Pharisees.  They are the religious authorities.  They will check the truth of your story.  Maybe you’re confused.”

“How idiotic!  Either I see or I don’t see.”

My neighbors and I went to the priests.  They were confused; I was not.  They cross-examined me and began arguing.  Some were sure that Jesus did wrong, when he healed me on the day of rest. He must not be from God.  Others insisted, “Of course he is from God.  If he was a sinner, he could not do a miracle of God.”   None of them were happy at my news. They kept throwing questions at me, especially, “Who do you think the man was, that you say healed you?”

I replied, “He’s a prophet.”

Finally the priests announced, “You were never blind.”  They questioned my parents.  That was a mistake.  My parents were so afraid of getting in trouble that they said little.  But, they stated clearly that I was their son and I was born blind.  They acted as though they did not know anything about how I was healed or who did it.  They shoved the mess back on me, saying, “Benjamin is old enough to speak for himself.  Ask him.”

The Pharisees’ questioning became nastier. I was ordered, “Tell the truth.  That will give glory to God.”

Others said loudly, “Your story makes no sense, because we know that Jesus is a sinner.  He could not do good deeds.”

I wondered, “When was healing a man’s blindness not a good deed?”  I told my interrogators, “I don’t know whether Jesus is a sinner, but I do know this:  I was blind and now I can see.”

That did not stop the questioning.  I was asked again, “What did Jesus do?  How did he heal you?”

I became irritated.  “I’ve already told you.  Can’t you hear?  Do you want to be followers of Jesus?”

They cursed me and said, “You are a follower of Jesus.  We are followers of Moses and God spoke to Moses.  We don’t know anything about this Jesus.”

I refused to back down. “You say that you do not know anything about him, yet he healed my eyes.  Since the beginning of the world nobody could open the eyes of someone who was born blind.  This man had to be from God.  God doesn’t listen to people who disobey him.”

That was the end.  I was thrown out of the building.  Jesus found me later and told me that it is he who gives sight to the blind. He shows those, who think they see, that they are blind. I know I believe him.

This is Barbara Steiner with the man who knew the facts and would not change them.  This story is found in John 9 of the Bible. Please check out

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I thought that it was neat how he did not back down from what he knew happened. From Kenedy

At first he lets Jesus put spit and dirt into his eyes and says, "Something's happening. I kinda have to put myself into this. Something really is happening." Then he tries to tell everyone and they think he is crazy. From Ian

You don't have to be blind to not see. You can be blind by not believeing in Jesus. From Katherine

I love how Jesus was able to make the man see again and I also love how the man knew that Jesus was a man of God and that he healed him.  from Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Jesus gave the man a gift.  Like you, I love seeing how the man received it.   Leah via Mrs. Steiner

Months ago I had read this story and commented.  This time I liked how Jesus said later to the blind man that he, Jesus, gave people sight.  Those who think  they can see, are actually blind.  from Fatima

Dear Fatima,

Every time I read this story in the Bible I think more about how blind I can be unless Jesus helps me to see.  I'm glad you reread the story.   Leah via Mrs. Steiner

I think Jesus was right when he said that some people think they can see but they really can't.   from Jenny

Dear Jenny,

I agree. I keep learning that what I see with God's help, gives me hope for each day.  Leah via Mrs. Steiner

This story really caught my eye.  It showed me that Jesus can work any miracle.  from Valerie

Dear Valerie, 

That's a wonderful realization!   Leah via Mrs. Steiner

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