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In one week COVID-19 changed the daily lives of a town.

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Drenching Rain and Blue Skies in the New Normal, part one

“How are you?” my friend asked.

“Good.” Actually, I feel disoriented, not fearful, but surprised and trying to adapt. I know God isn’t taking a vacation.

The threat arrived in Blythe, California the third week of March 2020. It was Fair Week. School was out for a week. Blue skies disappeared in the first week. Drenching rain came.

Official announcements began changing our lives. The fair was cancelled. Schools were closed. School sports stopped and programs were wiped from calendars. Church services began going online. Toilet paper and hand sanitizers disappeared from grocery stores.

A federal government agency called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced: Get ready for the coronavirus. It is a highly contagious virus called COVID 19.

Directives came from the United States president, state governors, county directors, and city mayors. A New Normal was beginning.

I listened to news on several television stations. Governor Cuomo’s morning briefings on the COVID 19 crisis in New York State were helpful. The virus was strangling the state. Personal Protective Equipment and medical providers were desperately needed. Governor Cuomo talked straight with facts, interventions, and practical advice.

I noticed my mobile phone texts were a record.

One stated, “Helen is off the ventilator after 14 nights. Still using oxygen and has thrush, but continues to improve.” I wondered if she had COVID. Few people knew where to get tested.

March 20th I read, “We would like to do a prayer meeting today at noon. We will be doing it through Zoom. Please reply to me to confirm your availability.”

I texted a student, “Hi Sheyli, our piano lesson will be over the phone Wednesday at 6:00 P.M.”

She texted, “Is the piano concert going to keep on or was it decided that it be cancelled?”

I answered, “It had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus. The state governor announced that people are to be six feet apart in social gatherings. We will have the concert and we can be ready, but we cannot set a date.”

My daughter Alyce had oral surgery. Her pain became terrible. She scarcely sleeps day or night. I called her doctor who gave suggestions for adjusting her medications. Her pain lessened slightly.

A follow-up appointment was needed. In this COVID threat doctors are closing their offices. Her doctor agreed to see her. “Thank you, Lord.”

A student’s dad texted me. “Raul and I are just about ready for his lesson. What is your Skype name?”

We had trouble connecting. I wrote, “Let’s try this tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M. There is hope. I saw the process work well earlier today.”

Another parent texted, “We are doing good. Dora is reading Bible stories online and saying memory verses. She can’t wait to get back to your history classes. I hope you are doing well.”

I was texted, “Do you have food and all the other essentials?”


I had my first day of wearing a mask. Strange!!

People are testing positive for COVID in hot spots around the world. Some are dying.

This is Barbara Steiner. Care for yourself and others. If possible, stay home.


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