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Judah's new leadership does not accept corrupt status quo. Changes begin!

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

Hezekiah Breaks the Mold,
part two

Abi watched Hezekiah as the crown for the new king of Judah was placed upon his head. Calm shone in his face.

Words began coming to her. “In You, Lord, my son does rest. The sins of his father are not his chains. In the night, he sings as King David did. ‘I wait quietly before God, for my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock.’”

A smile swept Abi’s face as she thought, I need not be anxious because my son will lead a country mangled by his father’s corruption.

In Hezekiah’s first month as king he moved swiftly. His father Ahaz had ordered the doors of the temple closed. Hezekiah opened them. They were repaired. He called a meeting of priests and Levites.

Many of them had shared King Ahaz’s addiction to idolatry and temple vandalism. They had forfeited their responsibility to study, practice, and teach the laws of Moses as given to him by God. They had copied the worship of idols found in other countries. They led the people in child sacrifice through fire and prayers to idols made of wood,

stone, and metals. Idols and shrines dotted the hills of Judah and were placed in God’s temple.

Two hundred years earlier the temple had been built and dedicated to God under King Solomon. It had been the glory of Judah and the center of their worship of God. They believed He was the one true God, unseen, and active in their history.

The Levites had abandoned their temple jobs. Originally, they were musicians, temple construction and maintenance workers, teachers, and judges. They became whatever King Ahaz wanted.

Hezekiah declared to the priests and Levites, “Listen to me. Purify yourselves and the Temple of God. Take everything out of the temple which does not belong there. Prepare all the utensils and objects which were used for worship celebrations and regular sacrifices.

“God has let us become objects of horror. Our warriors have been defeated. Our women and children have been taken captive. Other nations ridicule us.

“I will make an agreement with God, so that His anger is turned away from us.

“Dear Levites, do not neglect your duties! You have been chosen by God to lead the people in worship.”

Soon Levites from several clans and families began to purify the temple. Willingly and rapidly they worked as King Hezekiah had ordered. They followed God’s instructions as they had been recorded in the first five books of the Old Testament. Their huge task was completed in sixteen days.

They presented their new king with a detailed report of what they had accomplished. King Hezekiah went to the temple with all the city officials of Jerusalem. They brought bulls, rams, lambs, and male goats as sin offerings. These symbolized their confession to God and desire for His forgiveness.

A celebration followed with wondrous music and musicians planned by King David over two hundred years before Hezekiah became king. The people with free hearts were thankful.

This is Barbara Steiner. Several chapters in the Bible and archaeological artifacts refer to King Hezekiah.

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