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Samson is betrayed by Delilah and captured.

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

Fatal choice, Samson! part six

“Samson, have nothing to do with Philistine women!”

That’s what Samson’s mama and father told him, but not what he did. He went looking for Philistine women in enemy territory. His women betrayed him to their warriors, and they plotted to destroy him.

He killed hundreds of them with terrifying strength. Every warrior wanted Samson annihilated. How could he be stripped of his strength?

He met the Philistine woman Delilah. She charmed him and he loved her.

The Philistine leaders saw their opportunity. They asked Delilah, “Discover what makes Samson so strong and how we can overpower him. Then each of us will give you eleven hundred pieces of silver.”

Delilah was willing to sell Samson. She asked him, “What makes you so strong? How could you be tied up securely?”

Samson pretended to answer her truthfully. “If I am tied up with seven new undried bowstrings, I will not be able to break them.”

Philistine leaders brought bowstrings to Delilah and hid in her home. With no fear Samson let her tie him. As he lay bound, Delilah screamed, “The Philistines have come to capture you.” Samson snapped the bowstrings.

Delilah pleaded, “Samson, you lie to me and make me look ridiculous. How can you be tied so you cannot escape?”

“Delilah, if I am tied with new ropes, I will be weak.”

Delilah tied Samson with ropes and yelled, “Samson, the Philistines have come to capture you.”

He broke loose easily. She begged, “Why do you make fun of me? How can you be tied securely?”

Samson suggested that seven braids of his hair be woven into the cloth she was making on a loom. Tighten it with the loom shuttle. She did and Samson broke free.

For days she nagged him until he could no longer tolerate her whining.

“Delilah, I will lose my strength if my hair is cut. When I was born, my parents dedicated me to serve God. My hair is a symbol that I am a living sacrifice.”

Delilah realized that Samson was speaking truth. She enticed him to put his head into her lap and sleep. As he slept, a man cut his hair.

Delilah shrieked, “Samson, the Philistines have come to capture you.”

Samson prepared to fight, not realizing his strength had left him. Philistine leaders bound him with bronze chains and brutally cut out his eyes. In prison his hair began to grow.

During the feast to the idol Dagon, 3000 Philistines celebrated in their temple. Samson was placed between the two central pillars. Each of his hands was placed on a pillar. The Philistines mocked him, “Samson, you pathetic weakling! Dagon has delivered you to us!”

Samson prayed, “Lord, strengthen me one more time, so I can pay back my enemies for the loss of my eyes. Let me die with them.”

He pushed against the pillars. As they cracked, the temple crashed. More Philistines were killed than Samson had killed in his entire lifetime. With broken vow and God’s power, he helped free Israelites.

This is Barbara Steiner with Samson, a fallen warrior, whom God used.


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