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A young man wastes his inheritance, loses his friends, and returns home to his dad.

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

The Big Spender

Some leaders were bad-mouthing Jesus.  “Jesus, we know who comes to listen to you -- crooked men, scammers, rotten low-lives, and girls in trouble.  Don’t tell us that you are from God, but we are phonies.”

“Chill, you guys,” he said.  “I’ll tell you a story.”

There was a wealthy landowner with two sons.  The younger son said to his dad, “I don’t want to wait until you die to get a share of your money.  Could I have my share now?”

Despite the son’s rude request, his dad agreed.  The son got his money and moved away.  He sent no messages to his family.  They did not know where he lived, what he was doing, or even if he was alive.  Family, friends, and neighbors acted as though he were dead, because he had broken the traditions of the society.

He did not go to school, or get a job, save or invest his money.  “Party-on” was his motto until his money was gone.  Times got rough.  Not only was his money gone, but the country where he lived began to have huge crop failures.

His party friends wanted nothing to do with him.  Soon he did not have enough food for himself.  He begged a farmer to hire him to feed pigs.  Poor guy!  Pig food looked good to him.

Finally, he recognized his stupid decisions and declared, “I’m going home.  My dad’s workers have plenty to eat.  I am dying of hunger.  I’ll tell my dad, ‘I have been a fool.  I know I’ve done wrong against you and God.  I don’t deserve to be called your son.  Would you hire me?’”

Before he reached his home, his father saw him and ran to his son. His clothing stunk, his body was  bony, and his skin yellow.  The father’s heart was filled with love and tenderness as he wrapped his arms around his son.  Before his father could speak, his son said, “”Dad, I know I’ve done wrong against you and God.  I’m not worth being called your son.”

The father turned to some of his workers.  “Get fresh clothing and shoes for him and prepare a big dinner.  We’re having a feast tonight with music and dancing to celebrate his return.  We thought he was dead, but he is alive.   My son was lost, but he is found.”

During the celebration the father’s older son returned from work on the family property.  While outside, he heard the sounds of music and dancing and asked, “What’s going on?”

A worker replied, “Your brother has returned home.  We’re happy and having a party.”

The big brother nastily answered, “I’m not going inside and pretending that I am happy because my worthless brother has come home.”

His father came outside and begged him, “Son, please come in.”

“No!  For years I have worked hard for you and done whatever you asked me to do.  You have not given me a party.  But my brother comes home after wasting your money, and living with girls in trouble, and you reward him.”

“My dear son, you and I are close; everything I have is yours.  But, your brother has come back to us.  He is alive!  He was lost, but now he is found!”

As Jesus finished telling the story, he looked at the leaders who had been attacking him.   Did they know that God was the forgiving father?

This is Barbara Steiner sharing what is often called the story of “The Prodigal Son.”

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Let's Talk

I was interested that the young man did not think about his future.  He was in the moment and lost his money with women and parties.  He learned after he lost food and home.  Then he returned home to family.  I like how his father was not angry with him, because he loved his son.  We learned about forgiveness.   from Francesca

Dear Francesca,

I believe it also helped that the son returned with a humble heart admitting his mistake.  Leah

I would have had a party too.  He came home and that's all that matters. Amen    from Sue K.

Dear Sue,

No matter where we have been God will always welcome us home.  Leah

After hopping over to the Spanish edition of this website, I realize how far this mission is traveling.  Not only is it on the radio in many places in the USA, but now it is in two major languages on perhaps the most used informational resource. For most, if you want to know something, see something, or hear something, you look it up on the internet. Now, there is a shining light for those who speak English and Spanish amidst a group of secular, good and evil influences. How amazing is this? My answer is this: Absolutely, this is truly going to be God's hand in many lives. Amazing indeed!     from Josiah

Dear Josiah,

Thank you for taking a big look at This Week's Story and its possibilities.   B.J.S

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