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Andy's proposal shocks his father, who believes his son does not know how to work or earn money.

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

This stone has possibilities!
part two

As I stared at piles of stones, my little brother Chad came to stand beside me. He slipped his hand into mine. He knew about the car I had hoped to be given today. There was obviously no car in the driveway, only thousands of stones, and in my pocket one grey stone. It was my birthday present from Dad.

When I was about Chad’s age, I saw the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For weeks afterwards, I dreamed that I was Charlie in the story. I found a Golden Ticket in a chocolate candy bar and received a tour of Willie Wonka’s factory and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Now, like a little kid, I’m wishing, that today would be my Golden Ticket day! Maybe this rock has possibilities.

“Dad, can I have a budget for using your present?”

“Do you have a proposal?”

“Not yet, but soon!”

“Andy, would your proposal have anything to do with the story Jesus told about men who were given money and invested it?”


Four weeks passed.

Mom was present today when I told Dad, “I think your present will bring growth.”

Dad’s eyes were level with mine and no smile lit his face, but curiosity lifted his right eyebrow. “

“In June I would like you, Mom, Chad, and me, to fly to Dublin, Ireland. We will rent a car and drive fifteen miles to the town of Greystones. Dad, you can find many more grey stones there along the Irish Sea. There are many sports activities. Dart, the rapid transit to Dublin, is available

“Mom, please chauffeur Chad and me. You will have to get used to driving again on the left side of the road. You can thank Henry Ford that in the United States we drive on the right side of the road.

“I have a list of relatives and places to which I want you to drive. The relatives will love Chad and you can watch him during awkward conversations. I want to tactfully research the influence of the Irish Republican Army in an Irish family for my senior project. I will not connect it to recent bloodshed in Dublin.

I know you and Dad left Dublin because you wanted no involvement in the IRA. You refused to use violence as a strategy for uniting Ireland. Grandma and Grandpa can share sensitive understanding and facts with me. I do not want the relatives to wish we had stayed in the United States. Any Irishman knows we Americans are having trouble with violence and the Irish have long struggled with it.

I have checked prices for flying, lodging, and food. Grandma and Grandpa are happy that we might stay with them for two weeks. Dad, here is my budget and a proposal descriptive.

“Andy, who is giving you these ideas and facts?”

“Your present to me and a wad of paper with the word Greystone! It was on the floor by your wastebasket. I know that Greystone is the largest CIA covert action size program since the peak of the Cold War, but I do not have adequate primary contacts for researching it.

“I have examined the global market for grey stone. Ireland is an excellent producer for it, which led me to my proposal.”

Dad nearly stuttered, “Tomorrow I will let you know if we can leave in June.”

This is Barbara Steiner soon to return with a family that grew.


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