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A Hungarian student believes communism will give his country great opportunities in the 1950's. His father disagrees.

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Lead with lies. part two

“Son, do not attend that class of communist lies. It is already tragic that we live in Hungary when it is dominated by communists. But for you, my son, it is time to awake and see what is happening in our country. Can you be so empty-headed at fifteen years of age that you do not remember the stories of Hungary’s history?

“Night after night we taught them to you as the communists took control of our country. We were forced to send you to schools with Soviet propaganda. Now you attend a special class of lies. You are not required to go to it. Why do you betray Mama and me?”

“Papa, I can’t lie to myself. I know that the communists will give everyone opportunities to have freedom and material goods.

“Never! The communists will lead no one to a good life. Goodness is no part of what they give. They specialize in giving favors and having favorite classes of people. Workers or religious people are not among the favored classes, though the communists claim to respect workers.

“Son, read your uncle’s letters. When he moved to the United States after World War II, he got a job in an automobile assembly factory in Flint, Michigan. He owns his own home. What family of

workers do we know who owns its own home? None! Uncle also bought a car, even a boat. Your cousins go fishing on the lakes around Flint every weekend in the summer. Your uncle belongs to a labor union, that negotiates work conditions and pay, which is impossible here. If I asked for a raise in pay, I would be fired or taken away by AVO men from the state security agency.

“Son, I do not dream. I cannot risk going to church for mass. I work six days a week. I meet work quotas set by the government. If your uncle sent me a birthday or Christmas gift that was from the United States, I would hide it. If I took it to work and it was seen by an AVO man, I could expect to be arrested. Do you know that Uncle sent me a metric wrench? I dare not use it because it has the letters U.S.A. on it. Why all this nonsense? I am supposed to believe that the United States is our evil capitalist enemy who wishes to corrupt and destroy us.

“Father, you talk like a traitor to our communist government and beloved Soviet Russia. I could report you to the AVO.”

“If that happens, then I will know that you are no longer Hungarian or my son!”

That evening Peter was greeted at the communists’ training meeting for young men. He listened eagerly to the promises of what communism brings to people. He marveled at the generosity of Soviet Russia. He learned that protests are unnecessary because Soviet Russia oversaw the needs of Russians and all the people in the satellite countries it protected.

After class an instructor spoke to Peter. “Your faithfulness in attending our meetings sets a good example for young people. You are beginning to understand the tenets of communism and how confused your parents are.”

This is Barbara Steiner coming soon with the disappearance of Peter’s father.

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