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As the wind swooshed by with the chariot and horses, Elijah disappeared into it and was swept upwards.

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God's Dragon Ambassador,
part two

“Elisha, how was Elijah’s last day?”

“Cousin, I saw it, but I do not understand what I saw.

“That last day Elijah and I were travelling together. At three places he told me, ‘Stay here.’

“Each time I told him, ‘As surely as God lives and you live, I will never leave you!’

“When we reached the Jordan River, Elijah folded his coat and hit the water. The river separated. Our feet walked across the riverbed on dry land. I was not in a trance. My mind was clear and I remembered stories from my parents. They had told me repeatedly that God divided the Red Sea and later divided the Jordan River to protect our Israelite people. They were escaping slavery in Egypt and they experienced God’s mighty power!

“After Elijah and I crossed the riverbed, he asked me, ‘Before I am taken away, what can I do for you?’

“I wondered: What did he mean about being taken away? How should I answer him? I wanted to be with him, but I doubted that it was possible any longer.

“Elijah, let me be the prophet who takes your place.”

“That is a hard request to grant. If you see me when I leave, you will have what you wish. If you do not see me, you will not be my successor.”

“We kept talking and walking together as we had done for years. Then I saw what you will think is an impossible sight. Indeed, there came a chariot of fire. The chariot was pulled by horses of fire — fire in shapes. The chariot drove between Elijah and me. It was in a whirlwind. As the wind swooshed by with the chariot and horses, Elijah disappeared into it and was swept upwards.

“I yelled, ‘My father! My father! The chariots and charioteers of Israel.’ The words burst from my mouth. What did they mean? I know that I loved Elijah. He was my teacher. Over and over I had watched him be God’s dragon ambassador delivering God’s messages to people who hated God. What about the chariots? How were they for Israel?

“When Elijah left, I ripped my coat into two pieces. Then I picked up Elijah’s coat and stepped to the Jordan River. I hit the water with his coat and called, ‘Where is the Master, the God of Elijah?’ The river separated and I crossed the riverbed.

“A group of prophets had been watching. Immediately they exclaimed, ‘Elisha is Elijah’s successor.’ They came and bowed to me. ‘Sir, say the word and fifty of our strongest men will search the wilderness for Elijah. Perhaps he can be found. Perhaps the Spirit of the Lord left him in a valley or on a mountain.’

“’No!’ I told them.

“‘But maybe he can be found.’ They kept trying to persuade me. I knew that they would not find Elijah. God had taken Elijah. But, it was embarrassing to keep blocking the search.

“I said, ‘Send them.’ Three days went by without finding Elijah. When the men returned, I commented, ‘Didn’t I tell you not to go?’

“I know they did not understand. I did not comprehend myself why or how Elijah was taken, but I had been around him enough years to recognize that his disappearance was God’s work.”

This is Barbara Steiner with another example of man’s incomplete knowledge.

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