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As the Israelites waited near Mt. Sinai to meet God, smoke billowed from the mountain and an earthquake shook it.

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

A Visit from God, part one

We had two calm days after we arrived near Mt. Sinai. Then gigantic power burst forth.

First, Moses, our leader, left us and climbed Mt. Sinai. It is forbidding granite that juts into the air 7,497 feet. God called to him. “Give this message to the Israelites. ‘You saw what I did to the Egyptians and how I protected you. Now if you obey me and keep the agreement we have, you will be my special treasure. You will be a nation of priests.’”

Moses gave the message to our leaders. They agreed unanimously. “We will do everything God wants us to do.”

God said, “Moses, I am going to come to you and speak to you through a thick cloud. The people will hear me as I speak to you. This will give them confidence in you.”

He gave Moses specific directions for how we were to prepare for His visit. It would be an important event. We made the necessary preparations, but we were totally unprepared for the events that began the third day. Thunder bombarded our ears. Lightning zigzagged across the skies. Then a thick cloud swooped down and wrapped Mt. Sinai. A long, very loud blast from a ram’s horn sounded. The blast was the signal for us to gather at the foot of the mountain. We watched, listened, and trembled.

Moses led us there. We were careful to not cross or touch the boundaries Moses had been told to set. We had been ordered to not climb the mountain. Somehow, we would meet with God, but not face to face.

Though we had escaped from Egypt only two months ago, many of us already had complained nastily to Moses if we lacked food or water. At Rephidim, when we did not have water, people ordered Moses, “Give us water. Why did you bring us out of Egypt? We all are going to die including our children and livestock. Is the Lord going to take care of us?”

Moses was desperate and asked God, “What should I do? The people are ready to stone me.” God showed him and his captains what to do. The people received water.”

This time at the foot of the mountain we were more patient, but we were wondering. How will we meet God? We know He is real, because we have seen His miracles; but we have not seen Him.

When Pharaoh lead a military charge against us, we escaped miraculously. Pharaoh had been told that we, his huge slave force, were not going to return. He led a charge that included 600 of his best chariots and all his standard chariots. His army also pursued us.

As Pharaoh approached, God opened the waters of the Red Sea so we could walk across. When the enemy forces entered the sea, the walls of water standing on either side of the walkway came crashing down upon them.

Now as we waited at Mt. Sinai, smoke began belching from the mountain and a fierce earthquake shook the mountain.

In the form of fire God came to the top of the mountain. His voice spoke, from the fire. “Moses, come up to the mountain top.” Moses climbed the mountain.

This is Barbara Steiner with the introduction to the giving of The Ten Commandments. Please enjoy

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