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Can Benjamin's ten brothers rescue him from slavery?

This Week’s Story relives American history and the Bible through brief inspiring stories presented on mp3 audio recordings and text for reading.

Joseph:We will be your slaves. part nine

Slivers of morning light crossed the sky as eleven brothers tried to slip quietly out of the Egyptian city. Their mission held them captive. “We must get Benjamin home safely to Father and grain to our hungry families.”

As they left, Zaphenath-paneah ordered his manager, “Stop those brothers. Ask them, ‘Why are you repaying my master’s kindness to you with evil? Why have you stolen his personal silver drinking cup?’”

When the manager gave the message, the brothers vehemently protested, “What kind of people do you think we are? We returned the money we found in our sacks of grain after our first trip to Egypt. There is no reason why we would steal from your master! If you can find his cup with any one of us, then you can put that brother to death. The rest of us will be your master’s slaves.”

“That’s fair,” he replied, “except, only the one who stole the cup will become a slave. The rest of you can go free.”

The manager searched the sacks of grain the brothers had just purchased. He found the missing cup in the sack of Benjamin, the youngest brother. The brothers ripped the clothes they wore. “Money belonging to the Pharaoh was put into our sacks on our last trip. Now a valuable cup has been put into Benjamin’s sack. Who is plotting against us? We are innocent!”

They returned to the city and Zaphanath-paneah, and fell down on their knees before him.

He asked, “Don’t you realize that I am a man who would know who stole the cup?”

Judah spoke for his brothers, “How can we prove that we are not guilty of stealing your cup? God is punishing us for our sins. All of us, including our youngest brother, have returned to be your slaves.”

“No! Go home. Only the brother, who stole the cup, will be my slave.”

Judah pleaded, “I know you could have me executed instantly, just as the Pharaoh could, but please be patient with me. Let me speak to you.

“You asked about our father and we answered, ‘We have an elderly father who had a child born to him when he was old. The child’s brother is dead. Only the child is left of his mother’s children. Our father loves him very deeply.

“You told us, ‘Bring him here.’ and we explained, ‘It would kill Father to lose him.’ But, you insisted.

“When we told Father, he said to us, ‘Sons, you know my son Joseph left and never returned. He was probably ripped apart by wild animals. If you take Benjamin, my grey head will go to the grave.’

“We cannot return to Father without Benjamin. I pledged, ‘Father, if I do not bring Benjamin back, I will bear the blame forever!’

“Lord Zaphanath-paneah, I wish to take Benjamin’s place and be your slave. Please, let him go home. I cannot bear to think of Father’s pain if he loses Benjamin.”

The lord’s eyes filled with tears. He called to his servants, “Leave the room.” He began crying, so loudly that his voice could be heard throughout his palace. A messenger ran to tell the Pharaoh. The lord turned to the brothers. “I am your brother. I am Joseph.”

No brother spoke.

This is Barbara Steiner soon to return with the reunion of Joseph and his brothers. Enjoy

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