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Mission Statement

Research, write, and present creative stories from American history and the Bible, which will inspire people to have courage and to seek truth.

About Us

This Week’s Story creatively presents stories from American history and the Bible. Their audience includes teens, adults, and children. They prompt discussion.  All have realism, research support, and classic themes that connect to the present. Many writing styles and viewpoints are used. Each story speaks for itself.

All stories are easily accessed.  They are receiving a rapidly increasing worldwide audience as they are published in newspapers and broadcast on radio stations. They can be found on iTunes, Facebook, Google+, the special website

Every week a new story with audio and text is featured on the home page of  Each audio lasts four minutes and thirty seconds.  Stories can be heard or read in contemporary Spanish and English.  They are great listening for long-distance travelers, commuters, joggers, office workers, people in care facilities, and people in homes.  They are excellent resources for family reading and discussion, interdisciplinary language and history classes, language learners, and homeschooling curricula.

Beginnings - where we came from [click here]

What we believe as a team for This Week’s Story…

  • People love good stories and they are changed by them.  Remove a country’s stories and the country withers.  Its people lose their shared identity.
  • History is a unique source of inspiration.  It demands research.  No essential facts should be omitted from it.
  • The Bible is more than great literature.  It is God's Word.

Our Staff

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I was sitting at my desk in fourth grade and reading a chapter in my American history book. I remember stopping and thinking, “I love reading about American history. I didn’t ask myself, “Why?”... click here to read more